Hear what Janice’s Past Students are saying:

Janice motivated our leaders to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone to experience their highest potential. For the last seven years her workshops in our annual High Performance Leader’s Conference have consistently received the highest evaluations.

Robert Despins GM, Standard Aero
During Janice’s workshop, our team learned that when something falls apart, we can all pitch in to help, work well together, achieve 100% results, AND have fun. All employees should do this workshop – every week! ”

Joni Leland, Director of Human Resources Gonzalez Healthcare

My leaders were presented with “one of the best Team building training sessions” they had ever attended. Their words, not mine. “Energizing Your Team” was a five hour nonstop session full of unique exercises for the mind; tapping into our interpersonal side; understanding intuitive decision making; understanding the human and compassionate side of leadership; and most of all it was more fun than anyone could have imagined. Janice has the ability to tap into energy and passion most people do not think they possess.

– Marty Nash
General Manager, HEB

Janice’s training is remarkable… I only wish I had taken her presentation skills training 20 years ago.
– Tom McGuinness
Training Manager, QVC

Janice’s training is hands-on, practical and immediately applicable. I now have the tools to confidently walk into a room with dynamic presence, engage my audience and hold their attention in any situation. Her abundance of energy and passion for her work encouraged transformation in every member of our group. Simply put…Awesome!!
– Ricky Lawrence
Director of Tech Training & Development
Standard Aero Corporation

Janice showed me how to convert my routine speech into an imaginative and colorful presentation with an amazing twist. In fact, I got an applause from the CEO!
– Kiera Young, Corporate Director,
Customer Service
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I have spent thousands of dollars and numerous hours trying to write keynotes and searching for my unique style of presentation. Janice taught me the ultimate secret to becoming a professional speaker.
– Scott Knight
Chiropractor/Speaker, Round Rock

Janice has crystal-clear vision and unflinching determination to discover and reveal each person’s unique talent.
– Sherry Houston

Janice never stops challenging individuals to surpass their own expectations. She is the ultimate professional whose enthusiasm and passion transforms lives where she goes.
– Doris Armstrong

Genius has been variously defined as having an IQ above a specific level. But, true genius is the ability to bring out the genius in others. Janice Dean will bring out the genius in you!
– Carol Morrow

Unequivocally, Janice helped me gain confidence and win my audience’s attention.
– Kay Micklitz
Alamo Area Forensic Labs